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Our Mission:

public awareness

Ensuring that the public understands scope of the epidemic and as well as the personal toll it takes on families are crucial areas of focus for us.

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Educating the public about the safe use, safe storage, and safe disposal of opioid medications is a top priority for us.

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community collaboration

The African proverb that begins, "It takes a village…” is certainly applicable to the current opioid epidemic.

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Important Facts

People who die each day from opioid-related drug overdoses


National Vital Statistics System

Percentage of opioid deaths involving benzodiazepines


CDC Mortality and Morbidity Report

Number of Coloradoans who died in 2018 from opioid overdoses


Cost of the opioid epidemic in 2015


Council of Economic Advisors - Nov. 2017

Opioids in the news

Why COVID-19 is a Perfect Storm in the Addiction World

A loved one falling ill. Kids unexpectedly out of school with no childcare. Coping with physical distancing. Daily routines interrupted. Life milestones cancelled. Adjusting to working from home, or worse, not being able to work at all. These are the crises we’re all facing as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

At Shatterproof, we are bracing for how all these awful ...

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A decade into the opioid crisis, Colorado hospitals have changed the way they treat opioid-exposed babies

Two years ago, Colorado babies born addicted to opioids often were given doses of methadone or morphine and, on average, stayed in the hospital for 17 days as nurses weaned them off the drugs.

Now, the average hospital stay for a newborn going through opioid withdrawal has dropped to 6.5 days. And instead of treating those infants with regular ...

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